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Give out your FauxNumber, not your phone number

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Basic Plan - $14.95/month

Get started with our essential service package that offers privacy without compromise.

  • 📞 Includes one dedicated number
  • 🛒 Purchase additional numbers for just $4.95/month
  • 💬 Unlimited calls, text and picture messages
  • ⚙️ No setup fees
  • 🔓 Flexible cancellation policy, only pay for active numbers
  • 📱 Compatible with WhatsApp, Signal and 2FA

Fortress Plan Add-On - $59.95/month

Port your existing number into a "co-managed" state in our app. Designed for protection during complex situations like breakups, targeted harrassment or co-parenting with an ex-partner.

  • 🛡️ All inbound communications screened by an assistant so you never see harmful content
  • 📲 Selective call and text forwarding
  • 📑 Recorded communication lines
  • 👮 Messages can be kept as evidence or forwarded to law enforcement
  • 🔄 Keep control of your number and port back out when ready

What Our Users Say

"FauxNumber let's me get out of awkward situations with minimal fuss and confrontation." - Jane Doe

"The Fortress Plan helped me when I had to co-parent after a difficult breakup." - Dorothy Dixer


How do I add an additional number? It's simple! Just log into your account and follow the prompts to add numbers under the same plan.

What happens if I cancel a number? Any number you cancel will immediately cease to receive calls or messages, ensuring your privacy.

Can I use this for my business? If you need a business mobile number in an app, we recommend you use our sister product BenkoPhone